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Get Your Credit Repaired! Prepare for Retirement!

My name is TaKeysha Harten, founder of THartN enterprise. I am best known for my administration, research, and training skills. I’m a graduate of Martin Luther King High School in Detroit Michigan from the Center for International Studies and Commerce program which major focus is on business. I worked various administrative positions which taught me many valuable skills such as, organizational structuring, data control and organization, spreadsheets, research, database management, project management, and various software operations. With these skills, I found it easy to adapt to and master the uses of various software tools allowing me to obtain a position and invitations to conduct trainings in various software tools. 

Growing up on the East side of Detroit, I came from a family much like the families in my neighborhood where credit and financial awareness was not really taught in the home or in the schools. If it was taught it was limited. After making several financial mistakes through my life, I successfully corrected my own credit through much research, paperwork, and back and forth with creditors and the bureaus. Still not completely understanding the importance of credit, I found myself back in the bad credit cycle again. This time having children to take care of and a husband to tend to along with work and school, there just wasn’t enough time to deal with it as I did before. I then began researching companies that will do what I needed and educate me in the process. I wanted to be educated because I felt that I was not the only person from neighborhoods like mine that keep falling into the same credit traps and nightmares. I decided this would be the next thing I master and train others on. 

 I eventually came across Financial Education Services and through my research I found that they not only educate you on finances, but they fix your credit and allow a way to make money during the process. I also found that they use portions of the monthly fees to educate middle schoolers on credit and finance as well as give away scholarships to graduating teens. This was something I could get behind. The company is doing what I hoped to do so to partner with them was easy. They already had a system in place that is working and all I had to do was invest $288 to buy into it then tell others about it. I knew if I was going to go around preaching to people about the importance of credit and financial futures that I would need to have something to offer them to be able to walk away with that will put and keep them on the right track. Once I began using the service myself, I knew it would be the perfect fit, not only because of what the company stood for but also because it came about right when I needed it, right after praying for something like it. 

Finance was always a struggle for me in the past and God put it on my heart to help others release those financial burdens. I believe one’s ministry is birthed out of the struggles. I believe God wants his people to be released from the bondage of debt and financial illiteracy. God so loves a cheerful giver but how can we be cheerful when we are weighted down by financial burden? I believe that the majority of our people are suffering because of financial bondage and God is calling us to break free.

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